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Real Time Traffic Monitor
TrafficMonitor, Version 1.16
  • At any given time Managers can see how many customers are currently at the dealership, how long they’ve been there and who their with.
  • Ability to implemeny.
  •  Follow-up calls hours after the purchase not days.
  • Salvaging missed opportunities.  Ability to implement an automated process to contact consumers with certain disposition codes as soon as they leave the dealership.  Contact the Consumer before they get to the next red light, next dealership or h
    Consumer Protection Labels (New V/UL>
  • Analyzing Traffic Patterns to assist in employee scheduling.
    ign=left>Call Center Solutions
    Salespeople & Sales Managers performances.
  • Customized Customer Follow-Up Solutions
  • Customer Concern Tracking (CCRD)
  • New Vehicle Invoice Imaging
  • DMS Data Extraction
  • Daily Electronic Doc
  • Document Imaging
  • Enterprise Solutions (Voice & Data)
  • Systems Integration
  • Phone System Support
  • Data Warehousing
  • Web Development & Integration

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